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Post by 4g63mightymax » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:05 am

I'm making this for my future reference when I need parts.

- I bought some part from Impala Bob's ( on 4/03/13.
- Received a confirmation email at the time of purchase. Excellent.
- Then my order was said to be "processing" for several days after, according to their website. (Their "order status " link on the site doesn't work, but their order history area does BTW)
- On 4/8/13 I emailed them because I was a little concerned, and the customer service person told me that 2 out of 5 items were not in stock. They then asked if I wanted the in-stock item shipped. I responded immediately to their email telling them that I would like them to do that.
- On 4/15/13 I still hadn't gotten a tracking number or email stating that my items had been shipped. So I emailed them again.
- On 4/16/13 I got an email response telling me that "I have processed your order".
- On 4/17/13 a label for my package was printed.
- On 4/18/13 it was actually shipped.
- Received some of the parts on 4/25. Two parts still missing.
- On 4/26/13 I emailed them again asking for an update.
- On 4/29/13 I got an email response saying the parts are backordered and I will get an email when then ship. I emailed back immediately asking for an ETA. They emailed back with a simple email saying "Approximately 5.15.2013".
- On 5/15/13 I emailed them to check on my order, and they told me that the part was still backordered. I email back immediately asking for a "new" ETA, and I never received a reply.
- On 5/20/13, since emailing Impala Bob's no longer works apparently, I called and spoke with a customer service rep. He told me that my part was supposed to arrive on 5/24/13, and that I should call him back then to confirm. Fair enough.
- On 5/24/13 I call Impala Bob's and I am put on hold for literally 21 minutes. Eventually I talk to a customer service rep. I specifically ask for the gentleman that I had previously talked to on 5/20. Unfortunately he was not available at the moment. So, I gave the CSR that I was speaking with my order number, and he then told me that it was wrong, along with my phone number, even though they worked fine several days earlier. After much searching, he finally found my order, and told me that my parts would not arrive until 6/14/13. At this point I told him to cancel my order and refund my money, because I had no interest in continuing this game. He responded telling me that he didn't know how to do a refund because he was "new". I then asked to be transferred to the gentleman that I had spoken with on 5/20, and that I didn't mind waiting for him. Several minutes and messed up transfers later, the CSR told me that the transfer wasn't working, and he would need to have the other guy call me back in a little while. So, I gave this customer service rep my phone number for a third time, and hung up the phone. About 10 minutes pass, and the gentleman from 5/20 calls me back (Thank goodness). He is far more helpful, and knowledgeable. I explain to him my frustration with the whole Impala Bob situation, and tell him that I would like a refund for the parts that haven't been shipped. He then asks if I can hold for a moment while he calls his warehouse. I agree. Moments later, he tells me that the warehouse has miraculously found the missing parts that I have been waiting for, and that the order will ship that day (5/24/13). I thank him for his help and we part ways, hoping that this transaction is complete.
- On 6/3/13 I receive my long awaited part and it looks correct. Unfortunately, according to the credit car bill, I was charged shipping twice. So, I basically got to pay shipping twice because of Impala Bob's incredible lack of inventory and customer service. At this point, I won't ever be purchasing from them again, and I hope nobody else does either if this is the way that they conduct business. There are far better businesses out there that provide the same parts, at the same or better prices, with exponentially better service.

I'm going to go ahead and declare them as a "bad guy".
Jeremy N.
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